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Welcome Samdech, Your Excellencies, Lok Oknha, Lok Chumteav, Ladies, Gentlemen, and especially all students who have supported and trusted BELTEI International School since there was only one campus until today where BELTEI International School has expanded itself by opening 20 campuses across Phnom Penh capital city. Also, we have opened one modern university which it up to  international standard in the center of Phnom Penh capital city, the heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and it is entitled “BELTEI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY”.

Meanwhile, all of us have reached the age of globalization which requires further strengthening and capacity building to have great potential in the region as well as the world in terms of competitive advantage to compete with other countries around the globe. BELTEI International University was founded in order to contribute to national development through the development of human resource in accordance with the RGC's Rectangular Strategy (for Growth, Employement, Equity, and Efficiency in Cambodia) led buy Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, the Prime Minister, the greatest Khmer hero, who creates peace and stability and develops all fields throughout the country. On the other hand, to attract students of BELTEI International School as well as the students from provinces all over country who have graduated from high school (BacII), also for foreigners who work in Cambodia and foreign students from other countries to pursue higher education at BELTEI International University.

The university offers the higher education services ranging from Bridging Course and Bachelor's degree to Doctor's degree. In addition, it also provides bachelor's degree program in national program (bilingual language = Khmer and English) and alignment with exiting international program (English 100%). The curriculums are thoroughly designed to match the programs of study, course subjects, and study hours with partners universities abroad, marking it easier for students who wish to study oversea abroad. The university has been promoting the education of social morality, a policy of non-discrimination and advised our students how to be aware their own identities, love and respect their country, obey national laws, and follow BELTEI's internal rules and regulations. Most significantly, we provide them with knowledge and knowhow and the understanding of the three sources of learning: Learning from School, Learning from Work, and Learning from Self-study.

We strongly believe that with our clear vision, right mission, we defined goals, our broad base of experience, facilities resources, human resources, and financial resources including strong commitments, our university will become a leading international university in Cambodia and our graduates will be aware clearly such important skills asself-management, family management, social-management and will become vital intellectuals with good morality and high virtue who can contribute to national development and prosperity in the future, also be able to involve in the globalization. In order to achieve our educational mission, the university has set out its primary motto as guidance to pave the way for its future: “Quality, Efficiency, Excellence, Morality, Virtue”.

We look forward to welcoming Samdech, Your Excellencies, Lok Uknha, Lok Chumteav, Ladies, Gentlemen and all students to join us at BELTEI International University.

We wish you good health and success in every task.

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