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BELTEI International University (BELTEI IU in Cambodia)

BELTEI International University

Organized the 2nd Multi-Cultural Festival

On June 25, 2017, BELTEI International University organized the 2nd Multi-Cultural Festival (MCF) which was participated by more than 450 BELTEI IU’s management team, staff, lecturers, students and students from state schools, which was presided over by Mr. LY Navuth, Deputy Director-General of BELTEI Group and Senior Vice-President of BELTEI International University.
Mr. Ros Paradise, Vice President and Dean of Faculty of Education, Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitalities of BELTEI International University said that
recently BELTEI International University has launched a new program in the national language (bilingual language = Khmer and English) and international program (English 100%) to meet the needs of students. Within this new curriculum, the University has incorporated Khmer and English to make it easy for students to achieve their higher education. At the same time, the university also opens a 6-month pedagogic course in order to help students who are studying and who want to be teachers in General Education and ESL.

The university also opens Master Degrees and PhD Degrees in various important majors that are consistent with the current and future labor markets.
I. Master Programs
1.    Master of Arts in TESOL
2.    Master of Business Administration
3.    Master of International Business
4.    Master of Economic Development
II. Doctoral Programs
1.    PhD in Educational Administration and Leadership
2.    PhD in Business Administration
3.    PhD in International Business

On that occasion, Mr. LY Navuth, Deputy Director-General of BELTEI Group and Senior Vice-President of BELTEI International University said that day was the 2nd time that BELTEI International University held the Multi-Cultural Festival for BELTEI IU’s management team, staff, lecturers, students and some students from state schools in Phnom Penh. This Multi-Cultural Festival was organized for the purpose of providing opportunities for Cambodian students and foreign students to exchange and share their cultures with each other through performing dances, music, concerts, food shows, fashion shows, cultural exhibitions and comedy shows.

Finally, Mr. LY Navuth and the management team as well as all the students watched the arts and cultural performances which were performed by Cambodian students and foreign students, as well as taking photographs for memorabilia.



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