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BELTEI Group in Cambodia

Annual Assembly of BELTEI Group to Assess

Its Work in 2016 and Set Forth New Director for 2017

On December 27, 2016 afternoon, BEITEL Group has organized the Annual Assembly to Assess Its Work in 2016 and Set Forth New Direction for 2017 with total 1,945 of management team, staff, lecturers, and teachers of BELTEI Group at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Center under the presidency of His Excellency LY CHHENG, Director-General of BELTEI Group and President of BELTEI International University and Lok Chumteav.
Mr. LY BUNCHHAY, Deputy Director-General of BELTEI Group in charge of BELTEI International School said, currently BELTEI Group has 1.945 employees, who are management team, staff, lecturers, and teachers, 33.629 students with 20 campuses, 16 campuses are operating, 3 more campuses are under construction and one among those is BELTEI International University. He added, BELTEI Group has 3 main services as following:
I. BELTEI Construction, II. BELTEI Tour, III. BELTEI Education and this 2016 BELTEI got an achievement such as:
I. BELTEI Construction built BELTEI sixteenth and currently builds BELTEI seventeenth, and eighteenth and nineteenth.
II. BELTEI Tour has welcomed 8.835 tourists, 8.361 people were local tourists, 474 people were international tourists included 8 modern tour buses for its transportation.
III. BELTEI International School has 19.609 graduates and those were divided into,
• General Education students (grade 12) 7.169 graduates, 6.399 students passed in equivalent 89.25%
• ESL students (level 12) 4.783 graduates
• Computer Training Courses 7.170 graduates
• Students took international test 499 people
• Students who earned scores of “A” in total are 26 students; among them, one student got number 2 in 2014-2015 for country level and one more student got number 1 in 2015-2016 for country level.
• 28 students were an outstanding student in grade 9 and grad 12; among those number, for country level was gotten by 9 students and another city level was gotten by 19 students.
IV. BELTEI International University had 1.266 graduates, 233 students graduated from Training Couse in Teaching Pedagogy, 974 graduates from Bachelor’s degree and 59 graduates from Master’s degree.
V. BELTEI International Relations has sent 476 students to study oversea, 62 students are Oknha Ly Chheng scholarship students with other 06 students are full-tuition fees students and 399 students are oversea study tour’s students.
Work Direction to implement in 2017
This 2017 BELTEI has set out its strategic plan as following
1. To strengthen and better all the existing structures.
2. To further strengthen the curricular in both ESL and Khmer General Education.
3. To continue to build BELTEI Buildings in accordance with the needs of students.
4. To further provide the insurance cards to BELTEI’s staff.
5. To further strengthen the service of sending students to study overseas
6. To open additional professional trainings to improve the effectiveness of work.
7. To Continue the Class Activities Campaigns (to enhance both Teaching and Learning).
8. To inspect and evaluate the achievements of each department.
In this occasion, H.E. LY CHHENG also admires and thanks to management team, staff, lecturers and teachers of BELTEI Group who are striving to fulfill their roles with the applicable principles and decisions of superiors that have been laid down also carefully implemented regulations as well as maintaining discipline with dignity that is immensely proud.
Finally, H.E. and Lok Chumteav conferred the appointment letters to management team and handed over working award, 100% scholarship cards with prize to fifty three of 10 year-old working staff at that time.



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