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BELTEI Group's Management Team, Lecturers,

Teachers, and Students initiated and Celebrated Solidarity

Kakthen Festival for Chamkar Ksarch Pagoda, in Sangkat Spean

Thmor Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh

On October 30, 2016, His Excellency LY Chheng and Lok Chumteav Bou Ea, BELTEI’s management team, Spean Thmor’s group of advocates, and Buddhist lay brothers & sisters led a procession of Kakthen to offer to the monks who have been in three-month time limit of Preah Vosar in Chamkar Ksarch pagoda locating in Sangkat Spean Thmor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh.
In that auspicious occasion, H.E. LY Chheng expressed his meet-and-greet remarks, deeply appreciated and thanked Ven. abbot, the monks, Buddhist followers, BELTEI Group’s management team, lecturers, teachers, and students, particularly Mrs. Ubaseka Koy Boproeuk and her children & relatives who also co-initiated this Kakthen. On the other hand, His Excellency told the participants about the purpose of this Kakthen celebration is to collect money for spending on constructions of various buildings in the pagoda such as Buddhist Primary School,a SALACHHAN (Monk’s Lunch Hall) which is under the ongoing construction and need to spend for over 200,000 USD.
His Excellency LY Chheng also took that special occasion to apprise that this year Chamkar Ksarch pagoda has arranged one boat named “Chumteav Sreymao Horsothsenchey” to compete in a race  during the upcoming water festival. To inspire all the boat racers, H.E. donated 10 million riels for organizing the event and a set of BELTEI cloth for each racer.
The total amount of money collected for this Kakthen is 164,906,000 riels and such money was transferred to the monks in Chamkar Ksarch pagoda for using to construct various useful infrastructures according the Buddha’s rules.



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