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•Major Overview

Information Technology is worldwide used in communication (phone, chat, E-mail, and Internet), on-line class (e-learning), Business (using database for operation management and finance), and entertainment. These things can be done because of the connection between one node to another node and one region to another region using networking and from computer server; therefore, BELTEI International University has established the Faculty of Information Technology and Science offering very in details in Systems and Networking.


The curriculum is carefully and thoroughly designed in accordance with the international standards meeting the local, regional, and international job market  through the studies of equipments and computer program including IT Essential, Microprocessor, Introduction to Electronics. Moreover, students also study wired and wireless networking with prioritized safety subjects containing subjects like CCNA1-4, CCNA Security, Internet Protocol IPv6, and Wireless item, which are very popular today. In addition to that, we offer students with other subjects related to Windows 7 and 8, Windows Server, Linux Operating System and Program Writing for Computer System Management like Network Operating System, System Tools and Administration, Principles of Programming and Database Management System. Students also study the Communication,  Project Organization, Research, and Mathematic like IT Project Management, Communication English, Business and Innovation, Research Method and Statistics, and Technical Math.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will have knowledge, skills, and real practices since they have chances to practice in the lab and to join field study program.
•Know how to install programs on computers, do data or printer sharing, provide e-mail service, do web hosting, and Internet usage management.
•Know the procedure and configuration in Cisco Switch, Cisco Router, and Cisco Wireless as well as how to control the networking process.
•Know how to work as a team and organize the project for program modification to make it easier and better.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

• Network and Computer Engineer
• Computer Systems and Network Manager
• IT Manager
• Computer Systems and Network Analyst
• Program coding on Networking Staff
• Networking Researcher and Counselor
• Network Equipment Seller
• IT Lecturer.


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