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•Major Overview

Finances and Banking is a popular major for job market demands in Cambodia because of the development of the banking sector and the rapid growth of financial system. The studies focus on the different types of banking systems and banking services such as credit (loan), account management (e.g. deposit account), clearing check, money transfer, foreign exchange, electronic services, and other general financial operation transaction as well as the studies of financial related issues like economical and financial analysis, planning, controlling, and budget resource development including risk management for stability, effectiveness, and success in managing the equity, income, expenses, investment, which is very vital for everyday living, business, and career.


The curriculum is carefully and thoroughly designed focusing on professional skills in banking and finances through the studies of core subjects such as Accounting principles, Fiscal legislation, Technique and Procedures of Budget Management, International Economics, Financial Management, Portfolio Management, Investment Principles, Risk Management, Monetary Market, Banking and Finances as well as management related subjects like Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. All subjects are conducted in English using newly published course books that connecting theories with real practices.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will become leaders with critical thinking making the right decision, which reduces risks in managing the finance by knowing how to do data collection, data analysis, investment planning, and having enough ability in solving the issues related to managing budget of their own, their family, their business, their company, public unit, and bank effectively. Moreover, graduates will understand every transactions in bank, which make them qualified to be good banking officer or manager with high profession especially ready for the stock market as well.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

• Bank Director
• Credit Officer
• Financial analyst and counselor
• Financial Planner
• Businessman.


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