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TAYO (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations) is the award that was organized by the Committee of TAYO (10 countries member) aiming at providing awards to any accomplished institutions promoting social activities and youth. This award ceremony is held every year, and so far, it has been held 6 times in rotation by selecting only one most accomplished institution in a country to be awarded.
Whereas our Cambodia, we have received the awards two times already. The first award was granted to SSEAYP Association and the second award to CORDE Organization; the third award was given to BELTEI Group which was held in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand, under the presidency of H.E. Yongyut Wichaidit, Deputy Prime Minister of Kingdom of Thailand.
BELTEI Group was granted this TAYO award 2012 via the assessment of the Committee of TAYO on the activities that have been completed as follows:

1. Social Work

-Engagement in different activities in local village and commune by giving donation to the poor and the elderly people,  helping to build schools, pagodas, bridges, roads, and other public buildings at many places.

-Regularly granting fund to support the Cambodia Red Cross, orphanage organizations, youth organizations, and other foundations engaging in social work in Cambodia.

-Encouraging staff to participate in blood donation to rescue vulnerable people.

-Giving the visit with the food and financial aid to the army at the frontier along the Cambodia and Thai border many times.

2. Youth Serving Activities

-Leading youth to participate in different activities to develop knowledge, khow-how, and youth's spirit to love the country as well as engaging in public work.

-Inviting guest speaker to conduct presentation on anti-corruption law, AIDS, traffic law, the effects of illegal drugs, morality education,  and advising the youth to conduct the right deed and  to have virtue within them.

-Participating in educational development through opening schools, institutes, and universities by providing all levels of education from elementary education to higher education.

-Sending youth to join workshops and study tours at historical sites in the country and abroad (World Camp).

-Offering scholarships to higher ranking leaders, officers, staff, poor students, and outstanding students over 2,000 awards including 20%, 30%, 50%, and 100% ones, and founding Oknha Ly Chheng Scholarship program for outstanding students to study abroad 2 awards per year.

-Employing around 1, 500 youths to work in BELTEI Group.

Receiving this TAYO ASEAN Award is not only pride of BELTEI Group, but also a pride for the nation and Cambodians as a whole; it also means that our country is developing in all fields under the wise leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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