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Major Overview

Our world is smaller than ever and complex cross-cultural problems demand solutions. The Master's Program in International Relations prepares graduate for internationally focused positions in Cambodia or abroad with our practical, interdisciplinary and interactive courses. The program prepares for a leadership role in areas like nonprofit management, business and industry, education, banking, consulting and foreign service.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will demonstrate:
- crucial foundation in the core principles of political globalization: capitalism, democracy, nationalism, and socialist state;
- cross-cultural, economic, political environment of different organization and country, especially within ASEAN;
- an ability to gather and synthesize complex data from many sources;
- an ability to develop a specific skill set that focuses on a region and a specific sector in a global framework: nonprofit, government, or private.
- an intermediate level of research knowledge and skills that enable them to conduct research in their relevant field in Cambodia or beyond;
- a written ability to complete a thesis or a research report.

Career Prospects

It provides training that is appropriate for pursuing a variety of career paths, including international business, international relations, journalism, international security research, non-profit management, and non-governmental organizations.

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