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Major Overview

The twenty-first century is characterized by a fast moving, competitive and global economy. Sustaining a competitive advantage requires that individuals, companies and nations are able to anticipate and stimulate changes in economy and society. The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to address critical issues that are central to such economic and societal changes. The program provides strong theoretical background and experiential learning opportunities to enable students to develop and launch entrepreneurial and innovative ideas for a start-up venture, be it not-for-profit or for-profit. The program prepares students to develop interest and entrepreneurial competencies necessary for careers in a dynamic business environment.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, our graduates will demonstrate:
- theoretical and practical knowledge about entrepreneurship, business plan and strategies, and business management necessary for engaging in diverse business environments;
- a broad understanding of entrepreneurial concepts, business-economics relations, finance and marketing strategies that allow them to have competitive advantage in a business environment;
- an ability to analyse business situations and risks and to develop and launch innovative ideas, products or services;
- written and oral communication abilities that enable them to engage more effectively in business dialogues;
- an intermediate level of research knowledge and skills that enable them to conduct research in their relevant field in Cambodia or beyond;
- a written ability to complete a thesis or a research report.

Career Prospects

With the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, your opportunity to engage in the entrepreneurial world will become more evident as courses emphasize creativity, innovation, marketing, finance, and a wide variety of other topics. There are many career options that allow you to concentrate on. These options include being an entrepreneur, a business planner, a business researcher/consultant, a business strategist, or a university lecturer.

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