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Major Overview

The Master of International Business helps you develop wide-ranging knowledge and skills that will enhance your competencies, sharpness and effectiveness as a manager working in international business. The program develops solid foundations of management and strategic thinking relative to international and global market operations and your awareness of trade policies and practices across borders and of how they impact one another in global business transactions.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this master's program will demonstrate:
- cross-cultural awareness of business operations across settings;
- a well-developed understanding of trade policies, international business management and business strategies necessary for successful international business engagement;
- an ability to analyze business operations and situations from international perspectives and to launch strategic decision making and business plans effectively;
- an analytical skill in negotiating effective/alternative means of communication and coordination in international business dialogues;
- written and oral communication abilities that enable them to engage more effectively in business dialogue;
- an intermediate level of research skills that allow them to conduct research on business issues, both local and international;
- a written ability to complete a thesis or a research report.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program are employed in roles such as business development coordinator and analyst, sales and marketing manager, business development manager, export officer, international trade consultant or a university lecturer.

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