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Major Overview

Practically focused and regionally/internationally oriented, the Master of Finance and Banking provides students with the ability to apply complex financial, economic and investment theories both to corporations and to the financial services industry. The program will give you a wide-ranging theoretical background and equip you with practical skills for active interaction in investment banks and securities firms, in finance departments of industrial and service companies and in central banks.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the MFB program will demonstrate:
- a basic understanding of banking and finance that relate to investment;
- analytical knowledge in economic, political, legal, social and cultural forces, international as well as domestic, that shape the investment climate within which organizations strive to achieve competitive advantage;
- a refined understanding of local and global impact of banking, financial regulation and ethical dimensions of investment and banking;
- an ability to identify and analyze complex functioning of financial markets and financial institutions;
- skills in how to take the best investment and financing decisions in a corporation;
- written and oral communications abilities that enable them to engage more effectively in business dialogue;
- an intermediate level of research knowledge and skills that enable them to conduct research in their relevant field in Cambodia or beyond;
- a written ability to complete a thesis or a research report.

Career Prospects

Some typical arenas for working in finance and banking include insurance, corporate finance or real estate, financial planning, investment banking and money management. Many of the skills and abilities needed for each area overlap and can benefit you as you move further in your field, or decide to change your focus. Some job includes personal finance, corporate finance, public finance, financial consultant, investment banker, and loan officer.

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