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Major Overview

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares students in the functional areas of business allowing them to develop managerial skills necessary to be effective in a rapidly changing business environment. The program is designed for students with an interest in entering or advancing their careers in business. The program reflects current research of managerial competencies as well as graduate business standards as reflected by existing national/regional-standardized business.

Learning Outcomes

Students completing the MBA program will demonstrate:
- knowledge in management of basic business processes that relate to the production and marketing of goods and services, finance, human resources, and information flows;
- a refined understanding of economic, political, legal, social and cultural forces, international as well as domestic, that shape the market environment within which organizations strive to achieve competitive advantage;
- in-depth insight into ethical dimensions of decision-making and an effective use of information technology for decision-making;
- an ability to identify and analyze complex business situations and to develop and implement effective solutions;
- written and oral communications abilities that enable them to engage more effectively in business dialogue;
- an intermediate level of research knowledge and skills that enable them to conduct research in their relevant field in Cambodia or beyond;
- a written ability to complete a thesis or a research report.

Career Prospects

Your management opportunities increase exponentially with an MBA, the most popular degree awarded in business. There are so many options for working in business administration, and so many ways to get your foot in the door, that motivated people can rise to the top and make lasting, positive contributions to business. Some job titles include corporate controller, executive director and independent consultant and some common types of top executives positions are chief financial officers, chief information officers, chief operating officers, chief sustainability officers, and general and operations managers.

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