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Major Overview

The Master of Education in Higher Education Management and Development encompasses a range of specialist knowledge about global higher education systems and development, the internationalization of higher education, and organizational and leadership theories in higher education. This major will enable students to understand global trends in higher education management and different theories of higher education development and how they are related to contemporary reforms in regional and global higher education. It introduces both management and development concepts to students to nurture abilities to analyze and reflect on the management and development aspects of higher education worldwide, particularly in Cambodia.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this graduate program, students will demonstrate:
- foundational understanding of different theories and concepts related to higher education management and development;
- up-to-date key knowledge about organizational and leadership changes in global higher education;
- a well-developed foundation of research knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a small-to-large scale research in education;
- abilities to analyse higher education systems across educational contexts;
- abilities to identify various management/leadership styles in managing universities and students;
- critical and analytical thinking and writing skills to complete a research thesis;
- an ability to conduct an intermediate level of scientific research in their relevant field.

Career Prospects

The Master of Education in Higher Education Management and Development is geared toward people who are interested in pursuing careers as faculty members, researchers, policy analysts/consultants, admission coordinators, and academic/student affairs professionals in colleges or universities.

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