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Major Overview

The Master of Education in Educational Planning and Policy is geared toward people who are inspired to gain a deep insight and experience into educational planning and policy development process. The program emphasizes the preparation of students to acquire a range of interrelated knowledge in the field that embodies educational planning, policy models in education, global education systems and the development of education within the globalization and entrepreneurial context. This education program is designed to engage students in the research world where students are highly encouraged to develop research knowledge and skills through research project engagement and thesis writing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree, students are expected to be able to:
- acquire a set of specialist knowledge about planning and policy development in education and a foundational understanding of research design in education;
- develop professional and critical competence to work independently in the area of their specialty;
- demonstrate a broad array of competencies relating to theories of education to enhance the work of educational planning and policy;
- gain a range of abilities to reflect theories and educational evidence learnt in class on real life situations/issues in educational planning and policy;
- develop critical and analytical thinking and writing skills to complete a research thesis;
- conduct an intermediate level of scientific research in their relevant field.

Career Prospects

This course is designed for professionals in the field of education who are in need of updated knowledge and skills to engage better in the area of educational planning and policy. The course is aimed at guiding the graduates to work professionally as educational planners/educational planning specialist, policy analysts, researchers, government or non-government education officers or consultants.

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