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Supplementary Courses 9
Philosophy of Education 3
Advanced Educational Administration 3
Advanced Educational Leadership 3
Core Courses 9
Quantitative and Quality Research Methods 3
Advanced Statistics 3
Advanced Writing and Publication Skills 3
Major Courses 18
ICT in Education 3
School-Base Management 3
Financial Resource Management in Education 3
Curriculum Development 3
Assessment for Educational Leaders 3
Instructional Leadership 3
Dissertation-related Courses I 6
Proposal Writing and Defense 3
Research Seminar 3
Dissertation-related Courses II 6
Article Presentation in a Relevant Academic Seminar 3
Publication of a Research Paper 3
Dissertation 18

Major Overview

Your experience as the researchers, academics /specialists and professionals will grow expo-nentially with a PhD in Educational Admini-stration and Leadership at BELTEI International University. This PhD program offers a unique opportunity to anyone who aspires to a leader-ship position in education. By taking part of this PhD program, students will develop compe-tency in research, in school management and leadership and in governance in education at large.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of this PhD program, graduates will be able to:
Acquire essential management and leader-ship knowledge and skills in education;
Develop research skills to improve evidence-based educational practice;
Initiate and lead creative and innovative education management practices and re-search activities;
Show a strong academic foundation to engage in research community, local and international.

Career Prospects

Some important careers include:
Education specialist/consultant
School/university/NGO leader
Education policy makers/planner/analyst
Education project coordinator
University lecturer/professor/researcher

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