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•Major Overview

International Business is one of the most interesting majors among students of this 21st century. It is a suitable field for both local and international students. The course focuses on globalization and cultural, economy, political, and legal environments of international business, including an overview of risks, challenges, and opportunities of specialize in areas of management, information system in business, cultural differences, international business, human resources, etc. In addition, the course explores the distinctive nature of business conducted beyond  the boundary of the domestic market and examines how firms reach multinational scale while exposed to the turbulence and complexity of international political and economic forces.


The curriculum of this majors (International Business) is developed professionally and selectively. The course are prepared maintaining the high standard of BELTEI IU, international standards in order to provide real knowledge and skills to students as well as the needs of the society and job markets by focusing on ASEAN Business Management, Business Risk Management, Public Relations Management, International business and globalization, International business and trade, International business and investment, Firms and national business, Institutions and international business, Cross Cultural Management Teamwork. English language is used as a medium of instruction for all subjects with very selective course books.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will be able to select and use appropriate  sources to gether information and data needed for international business decisions, define key international business terms and concepts, identify how cultural variables affect business, discuss, the different types of economic, political, and legal systems and  their impact on business, and critically analyze the opportunities and risks associated with international business activities. Morever, they will be able to think critically along the skills of problem solving and term work.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

• Business Managers
• Business Consultants
• Retail Managers
• Advertising and Promotion Manager
• Business Analysts
• Entrepreneurs (SME)
• Logistics Managers
• Marketing and Database Administrator, etc.


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