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•Major Overview

Nowadays, an organization can be successful depending on the capacity of collecting accurate information timely for analysis and planning the appropriate actions. Manual operation is used to be effective in the past; however, today is the Digital Age that people use computers for communications, games, and entertainments, especially for business, which make things easier such as storing, retrieving, and searching data very quickly. These programs is called “Database”, in which data can be stored and retrieved immediately as the users need. Software Engineering Major is for students who wish to be able to code computer program for managing the business or institute operations through detailed studies starting from the data collection and going to the understanding users' needs to the developing the computer programs that users can  use.


The curriculum is carefully and thoroughly designed in accordance with the international standards meeting the local, regional, and international job market demands by focusing on three main areas of studies. First is the Foundations of Computer Program and Database subjects including Principles of Programing, Object Oriented Programing, Web Programming, Visual Programming, and Database Management System. Second is the studies of Management and Procedures of Computer Program writing such as Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Design, Interaction Design, Software Development, Software Integration, and Software Testing. Third is the studies of Communication, Project Organization, Research, and Mathematic like IT Project Management, Communication English, Business and Innovation, Research Method and Statistics, and Technical Math.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will acquire knowledge, skills, and experience real practices since they have chances to practice in the lab and to join field study program.
•Know how to analyze, plan, code program, and do testing, which is the significant phase during the computer writing program.
•Know how to analyze and transform from manual basis to computer basis, which provides convenience in data searching and management.
•Know how to developing computer and Internet program, which is very  popular today.
•Know how to work as a team and organize the project for program modification to make it easier and better.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

• Data Collector, Analyst, and Project Organizer
• Computer Programmer
• Computer Program Tester
• Web developer and Internet Programmer
• Manager of Database
• Computer Program and Database Counselor
• Computer Program Seller
• IT Lecturer


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