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•Major Overview

International Relations have gained much interest amongst many students since this major is very essential to find cooperation between both national and international organizations aiming at improving the firms, organizations, units, and institutions in the future. This major meets the job demands at both private and public units like offices, departments, ministries of the government, which requires many specialists in International Relations at the present time and in the future to develop their organizations. The studies focus on Procedure Analysis and Theory of History, Politics, Economy, Culture, and Society as well as understanding the facts of the current world in order to clearly address the issues leading to find a proper solution.


The curriculum is carefully and thoroughly designed in accordance with the international standards reflecting the local, regional, and international job market demands by focusing on professional skills in International Relations through the studies of core subjects including International Law, International Culture, Political Risk Analysis, Politics, International Economics, Theory of International Relation, and World History. All subjects are conducted in English using newly published course books.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will have enough ability and specialty in research, data collection, analysis, result interpretation, and evaluation on history, politics, economy, and society. Graduates will also have extensive knowledge on international politics, social conflict solving, finding cooperation, and observation the revolution of the world, which helps improve the decision making as well as the skills in managing the big national and international events and clearly understanding the arts of communication between  partners both national and international.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

•Director of National and International Relation Company
•Diplomatic Officer
•International Relations Director
•Political Counselor
•Political Analyst
•Social Activities.


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