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•Major Overview

TEFL is the most popular major in both the region and the world since English is an important international language widely used in everyday communications like the studies at educational institutions, researches, business and commerce communications, international relations, over-seas studies, computer and Internet usages, and self-development through documentation in English. The studies focus on the advanced English education via detailed explanation on English skills, Grammars, Sentence Structures, Linguist Acquisition Psychology, Language Revolution, Foundations of Education, Language Teaching Methodologies, Research Methods, and some other Educational Administration Programs aiming at increasing the number of lecturers of English with proper pedagogies and researchers with professional skills.


The curriculum is carefully and thouroughly designed in accordance with the international standards meeting the local, regional, and international job market demands by focusing on professional skills in English education through the studies of core subjects that enable students to learn faster so that they can equip with English skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills including Foundations of Education, Linguistics, Teaching Methodologies, and Communication Skills. All subjects are conducted in English using newly published course books.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will  gain proper pedagogies and be qualified enough in teaching English by knowing how to make lesson plans including time management, setting clear objectives, and applying methodology accordingly. Furthermore, students will be confident in using English in speaking, listening, writing and reading, be able to understand teachers or lecturers and chairmen or employers who are native speakers, which is used as a career ladder, a mean of communication of international business and commerce, and to ease overseas studies as well as to expand knowledge through additional researches on English documents and using computers or Internet.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

• English School Principal
• Counselor at English Educational Institutes
• International Relation Manager
• English Lecturer
• English Curriculum Designers.


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