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•Major Overview

General Management is a popular major amongst students in the Kingdom of Cambodia as well as in the world. It is an important subject related to everyday life of all human beings on earth including Self-management, Families management, and Social-management. More over, it helps equip students with basic management skills dealing with all types of business operation, working operations, and institutions. General Management focuses mainly on organizing management systems, planning management, resource management (time, budget facilities, and humans), leading, wont execution, controlling and evaluating. This course also looks at strategic planning on management of working operation, process and development of business affairs as well as the development of institutions successfully.
This course is the best choice for students who wish to become professional business entrepreneurs, company directors, directors of all types of non-governmental organizations and other institutions of both private and public sectors.


Curriculum is prepared professionally following the international standards in order to meet the needs of the local, regional and international job markets by focusing strongly on major skills including general management skills containing a number of important subjects; Principles of Management. Psychological Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management Time Management, Business Ethics, Entrepreneur-ship, and Leadership. All subjects are conducted in English and all course books are new and very selective.

•Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the major, graduates will be able to become creative, reliable, confident, efficient, and effective managers, and/or leaders in various institutions. In addition, they will be able to organize staff, understand then duties and tasks, take responsibilities. They will be good at identifying people; who is who in the company (leaders/ managers operators, or evaluators). Graduates will also be skillful in data collecting, data analyzing, project planning, organizing projects, problem solving, facilitating on certain issues which are advantageous to work management, running business, professional operations as well as working in both private and public institution.

•Career Opportunities:Graduates of this major will become;

Chief Executive Officers
Institutional Directors
Executive Directors
Human Resource Managers
Business Entrepreneurs, etc.


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