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BELTEI International Relations (BELTEI IR in Cambodia)

6 Grade A Student from BELTEI International School

Received Oknha LY Chheng Scholarship to Study in the USA

On December 31, 2018, 06 Grade A students from BELTEI International School received Oknha LY Chheng Scholarship to pursue their bachelor's degree at San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, California, for four years. It is noticed that BELTEI International Relations has sent 104 Oknha LY Chheng Scholarship awardees to study abroad at various universities which have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BELTEI International University, including 10 students to United Kingdom, 10 students to USA, 1  student to Canada, 40 students to Singapore, 14 students to the People Republic of China, 14 students to Thailand, and 15 students to study at BELTEI International University with the offered stipend of 1,200 dollars per year.
Meanwhile, before departing to study in the USA, H.E. Dr. LY Chheng, Member of Parliament for Phnom Penh Capital and Director-General of BELTEI Group had a meeting with 06 grade A students (among 42 grade A students in academic year 2018), their parents and guardians, and also provided a stipend of USD 5,000 to a grade A student, Mr. Peng Kim Heng, and each of the 05 grade A students with the amount of USD 2,000. H.E.Dr. LY Chheng also wished the 06 grade A students to get success and try to study to become a potential human resources with high ability, morality, and virtue for contribution to develop our country prosperously in the future. 
At the same time, Mr. Peng Kim Heng, a grade A Student, second position of the national exam, expressed his deepest gratitude to H.E.Dr. LY Chheng, for providing 100% tuition fee scholarships for him and other 05 grade A students to continue their higher education in the United States. This is not only pride for himself and his family, but also the pride for Cambodia as a nation because H.E.Dr. LY Chheng always pays attention to enhance the education quality in our country and develop Cambodian young generation who has real ability. Moreover, with his cheeky smile, Mr. Peng Kim Heng also expressed his gratitude to his parents, who brought him up, and provided him good advices and supports for his studies at BELTEI International School until he got success in his academic performance, and become an outstanding student receiving the prestigious Oknha Ly Chheng scholarship. He strongly commits to study hard, acquire more knowledge and experience to improve his skills and talents, especially to graduate a degree from the United States of America for BELTEI International School as well as his family, and Cambodia nation.



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10/01/2017:H.E. LY Chheng, welcomed Prof. Dr. Xie Shangguo, the President of Guangxi University from China 27/12/2016:Annual Assembly of BELTEI Group to Assess Its Work in 2016 and Set Forth New Direction for 2017
20/12/2016:Welcomed a formal visit of the delegation and students from Guilin University of Technolog 09/12/2016:H.E Ly Chheng with led a delegation to attend the Annual Partners Convention and Convocation 2016
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23/10/2016:BELTEI International Relations sends 11 Okhna LY CHHENG scholarshipstudents 14/10/2016:BELTEI International University signed Memorandum of Understanding with University of FUKUI, Japan
05/09/2016:BELTEI International University Signed MoU with UTCC University 29/07/2016:BELTEI International University Signed MoU with Bangkok University in Thailand
27/07/2016:BELTEI Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rajamana gal University, Thailand 24/07/2016:BELTEI IU Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SUNY Korea University, South Korea
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11/12/2015:Congratu- Mr. Ly Navuth, Deputy Director General of BELTEI Group and Vice President 10/12/2015:H.E. LY Chheng, Director-General of BELTEI Group attended the EASB Convocation

BELTEI International Relations has sent 13 Oknha Ly Chheng’s scholarship students to study bachelor’s degree at EASB in Singapore.

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