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BELTEI International School (BELTEI IS in Cambodia)

BELTEI Group Organized the Annual Assembly to

Assess it Works 2018 and Set Forth New Direction for 2019

On the afternoon of December 26, 2018, BELTEI Group organized the Annual Assembly to assess its works in 2018 and set forth new directions for 2019 with 2,243 management staff, faculty members and lecturers at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Center under the presidency of His Excellency Dr. LY Chheng, Member of Parliament for Phnom Penh Capital and Director-General of BELTEI Group and Louk Chum Teav.

Mr. LY Bunchhay, Deputy Director General of BELTEI Group said that, BELTEI Group has 2,243 staffs, staff, teachers and teachers, 42,493 students with 24 campuses, which 22 are BELTEI IS (19 are in operation and 3 more are under construction) and 2 more are university. He added that BELTEI Group has three main services: I. BELTEI Construction, II. BELTEI Tours & Travel, and III. BELTEI Education and in 2018, BELTEI has achieved such achievements as:
I. BELTEI Construction: Constructed BELTEI 19 and is building BELTEI 20, 21, 22.
II. BELTEI Tours & Travel: has received 7,789 touring visitors, including 7,126 and foreigners 663 people with 8 luxury cars for passengers.
III. BELTEI International School: There 22,055 graduates in cluding:
- General Education Students (Grade 12) 9,751 students, passed 8,312 equal 85,24% and Grade A 94 students
- ESL Program Students (Level 12) with the number of 6,151 students
- Computer traning short course students with the number of 8,427 students
- International Preparation Course Students with the number of 727 students
BELTEI IS students have kept the title of 1st and 2nd place in the country within these last 4 years:
1. In this 2018, a student name PENG Kimheng has got Grade A, number 2, with the score of 99.999
2. In 2017, a student name SOR Kimsear has got Grade A, number 1, with the score of 100.000
3. In 2016, a student name KANG Sinhly has got Grade A, number 1, with the score of 100.000
4. In this 2015, a student name SENG Gechly has got Grade A, number 2, with the score of 99.999
Also, we’ve got Grade 9 & Grade 12 Outstanding in the number of 66 students, including 22 students for nationwide and 44 students for Phnom Penh Capital.
IV. BELTEI International University: with the number of 1, 693 students including Pedagogy class 371 students, Bachelor Degree 1, 147 students, and Master Degree 175 students.
V. BELTEI International Relation: send students to abroad with the number of 852 students including Oknha LY Chheng Scholarship 104 students including paid students 41 and students joined the study tour 707 students.
New Direction fourth for the year 2019

In 2019, BELTEI Group has decided to put forward a strategic plan, including:
1- Strengthen existing structures through job descriptions, internal rules and skills development
2- Strengthen discipline of students at all levels and increase communication with parents, guardians, students
3- Expand the BELTEI IS and BELTEI IU Campuses to meet the practical needs
4- Strengthen the capacity of leaders and staff through each of the on-job training courses.
5- Strengthening the curriculum for general knowledge from high school to high-school secondary school by grade 12 students with 85-90% high school diploma and 5% of BELTEI's students attending national exams.
6- Strengthening all 8 major curricula in accordance with the motto "Learning to link theory to practice"
7- Enhance the STEM program by adding laboratory equipment, Technology applications, Engineering equipment and IMA Program.
8- Continue opening "IMA Program" for all Campuses from elementary school upwards.
9- Level 12 students are required to take 40 hours of preparation course to get IELTS score of 5.5 or higher and encourage students with IELTS score from 6.5 to 7.0 to receive scholarship at BELTEI International University, while students who score From 7.5 upwards, 100% will receive scholarships from Oknha LY Chheng Scholarships to study abroad.
10- The university continues to strengthen the international curriculum, and the national language curriculum has added 40 credits of English language tuition and one year free computer and provides job opportunities to outstanding BELTEI students.
11- BELTEI International Relations will strive to strengthen and enhance further cooperation with world-renowned educational institutions to provide convenience and confidence to students, parents and guardians.
12- Expanding more tourist destinations, more important to the needs of customers.
In that occasion, H.E Dr. LY Chheng, Director-General of BELTEI Group praised management teams, teachers, lecturers and teachers of BELTEI Group for their efforts to fulfill their respective roles in accordance with principles. The decisions made by the upper level have been put in place and thoroughly implemented by the Internal Rules and Regulations. It is very heartwarming to maintain discipline and dignity.

Finally, H.E. Dr. LY Chheng and Louk Chumteav have delivered the letter of appointment to the leaders of BELTEI Group and awarded the Best Campus award, 100% scholarship certificate and reward award to 87 staff as well.



12/11/2023:Official Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Miss Planet International 2023 23/10/2023:Deakin University Met and Conducted a Presentation To Grade 11 and 12 student of BELTEI International School Campus 9
06/10/2023:H.E. LY Navuth, welcomed and met with Mr. Danny Whitehead and Mr.  Steve Adams 31/12/2018:6 Grade A Students from BELTEI IS received Oknha Ly Chheng Scholarship to study
10/11/2018:Led 09 students from BELTEI IS to San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, California, USA 16/05/2018:The Official Visit of the Thai Delegation And Student Exchange Program From Bangkok University
12/04/2018:BELTEI Group celebrated an annual party for nearly 2,500 staff on occasion of Khmer Year at Koh 18/03/2018:518 BELTEI staff receive HealthCare Card from NSSF
26/12/2017:Annual Assembly of BELTEI Group to Assess Its Work in 2017 and Set Forth New 2018 15/07/2017:Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Universal Peace Federation-Cambodia
21/06/2017:Signed a (MOU) with University Canada West from Canada 05/05/2017:BELTEI Group buys Insurance Cards for Staffs who have work in BELTEI Group up to 3 years
12/04/2017:BELTEI Group celebrated an annual party for all the staff in the occasion of Khmer New Year 10/01/2017:H.E. LY Chheng, welcomed Prof. Dr. Xie Shangguo, the President of Guangxi University from China
27/12/2016:Annual Assembly of BELTEI Group to Assess Its Work in 2016 and Set Forth New Direction for 2017 20/12/2016:Welcomed a formal visit of the delegation and students from Guilin University of Technolog
09/12/2016:H.E Ly Chheng with led a delegation to attend the Annual Partners Convention and Convocation 2016 22/11/2016:BELTEI International University Signed MoU with ASSUMPTION University
31/10/2016:BELTEI Group’s management team, lecturers, teachers, and students initiated and celebrated solidarit 23/10/2016:BELTEI International Relations sends 11 Okhna LY CHHENG scholarshipstudents
14/10/2016:BELTEI International University signed Memorandum of Understanding with University of FUKUI, Japan 05/09/2016:BELTEI International University Signed MoU with UTCC University
29/07/2016:BELTEI International University Signed MoU with Bangkok University in Thailand 27/07/2016:BELTEI Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rajamana gal University, Thailand
24/07/2016:BELTEI IU Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SUNY Korea University, South Korea 09/05/2016:BELTEI Internationa University (BELTEI IU in Cambodia) Signed MoU with Guilin Univer...
04/05/2016:BELTEI International University Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WUHAN University,China 25/04/2016:BELTEI International University led the Delegations to Participate in the CHINA-GUIZHOU...
09/04/2016:Annual Party of BELTEI Group on the upcoming Khmer Traditional New Year’s Day at Diamond Island... 04/04/2016:BELTEI International University signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with HOSEI University,Japan
07/03/2016:Annual Assembly of BEITEL Group to Assess Its Work in 2015 and Set Forth New Goals for... 11/12/2015:Congratu- Mr. Ly Navuth, Deputy Director General of BELTEI Group and Vice President
10/12/2015:H.E. LY Chheng, Director-General of BELTEI Group attended the EASB Convocation 26/10/2015:BELTEI International Relations Sent 17 students to study abroad
18/09/2015:H.E. LY CHHENG, Director General of BELTEI Group and President 20/01/2015:MOU Signing Ceremony between BELTEI International University
19/01/2015:BELTEI co-organized the Education Fair with 23 universities from Guangxi province of the People’s... 10/01/2015:Assembly on Total Result of Previous Implementation and New Action (2014-2015)
08/10/2014:BELTEI INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS has sent 13 Oknha Ly Chheng scholarship students to study in Singapor 22/04/2014:MOU Signing Ceremony Between BELTEI International University and Shoreline Community College(USA)
26/09/2012:BELTEI Group awarded as an Outstanding Organization from ASEAN 07/07/2012:His Excellency Ly Chheng was appointed as a member of the IYF Advisory​ Committee
12/05/2012:BELTEI has obtained permission to operate the IELTS Test Center 28/04/2012:BELTEI Group signed a MOU with International Youth Fellowship (IYF)
08/10/2011:The MOU Signing Ceremony between BELTEI International Institute and Cambridge Tutors College, UK 21/04/2011:The MOU Signing Ceremony between BELTEI International Institute and UNIVERSITI KUALA LUMPUR,Malaysia
23/03/2011:The Study Visit to the United Kingdom of the Delegation of BELTEI International Institute 22/02/2011:The MOU Signing Ceremony between BELTEI International Institute and York St John University
11/12/2009:Working Visit by Delegation of Education Malaysia Exploration (EMEX) 14/11/2009:Signing Ceremony of The Launch of ICDL and Password Accdited Test Center
05/11/2009:UK tour visit  

BELTEI International Relations has sent 13 Oknha Ly Chheng’s scholarship students to study bachelor’s degree at EASB in Singapore.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Seattle, Washington State of America.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Bangkok University, Thailand.

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