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2018 = 10 Students

From May 05-19, 2018 10 students of BELTEI International School to join a 2-week study tour program to Guilin University of Aerospace Technology for the 2nd time. This study tour holds many beneficial purposes to let all students to be independent, getting out of their comfort zone, and exchange experiences, culture, tradition and lifestyle of Chinese students as well as other international students. All students have attended so many educational exchange programs such as Cultural Tea Making, Chinese Martial Arts (KongFu), Aircraft Model Experience and UAV Control Experience, Calligraphy Writing, learning Oral Chinese, as well as, going to many historical and amusement places such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park, Yao Mountain, Merry Land especially a very long river, which has attracted millions of tourists every year, called Li River. At the end of the program, all students were granted certificate of this exchange program by Mr. Zhongguang WANG, Vice President of Guilin University of Aerospace Technology..

2017 = 10 Students

BELTEI International Relations office led 10 students to join the study tour program in China for 11 days from April 03-13, 2017. Through this program students have a chance to study the basic Chinese short course, Exchange Culture and more delightful activities with Guilin University of Aerospace and Technology’s students; particularly, students have a chance to visit the most famous historical sites in China with those Chinese students.

BELTEI International Relations has sent 13 Oknha Ly Chheng’s scholarship students to study bachelor’s degree at EASB in Singapore.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Seattle, Washington State of America.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Bangkok University, Thailand.

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