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I. Introduction
This service was established in order to exchange of BELTEI International University’s students with students of partner universities, which have signed MOU, for a semester or students study a subject which has been prepared by the partner university, which offers opportunity to students of counterpart universities to exchange studies, share experiences, and learn civilizations and cultures from each other.

II. Consultation
BELTEI International Relations has expertise officers to provide information to students, parents, or guardians and consult them in order that they understand clearly on this student exchange program and advantages they receive from it. In the meantime, BELTEI International Relations’ officers also offer the detailed information on programs and activities which have been arranged by those well-known partner universities.

III. Document Preparations
BELTEI International Relations assures in preparing all relevant documents carefully for students which includes:
-Completing application forms.
-Requesting relevant documents from overseas partner universities such as: I20 form, confirmation letters, admission letters and so on.
-Preparing forms and visa applications for embassies.
-Translating in English of birth certificates, family books or residency books, certificates, and other related documents.
-Bringing students to embassies for interviews.
-Facilitating applications for passport and booking air tickets.
-Reserving the accommodations for students.
-Directly contacting to the partner universities where students are taking exchange program.

IV. Observation on Student’s Progresses During Exchange Program
To enhance more trust for students’ parents, guardians, and students; BELTEI International Relations does keep observing on the student’s progresses by collaborating with the partner universities where the students are taking exchange program.

BELTEI International Relations has sent 13 Oknha Ly Chheng’s scholarship students to study bachelor’s degree at EASB in Singapore.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Seattle, Washington State of America.

BELTEI IS Students Study Tour to Bangkok University, Thailand.

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