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Deakin University

I. General Situation

Deakin, a University established in 1974 in Australia, has 4 main campuses. Currently, 39,600 students are taking 340 majors in all campuses. The University is well-known for its effective and efficient lecturing with creative thinking abilities. The university has created the agreements with various industries and prestigious universities throughout the world so that students who are studying at Deakin University can have opportunities to take internship and student exchange programs there.

II. Location

Deakin University is located on #221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria 3125 Australia. Students and parents can check website: or contact +(03) 9244 6100 to get further information about our university.

III. Programs

Entry Requirements

- For Diploma, students are required to hold certificate of high school

or certificate of IV Tertiary Preparation Program with IELTS = 5.5 or

TOEFL iBT = 59

- For Pre-Master program, students are required to hold Bachelor

Degree awarded by Accredited Institutions with IELTS = 6.0 or

TOEFL iBT = 80


- Programs start in March, June and October.

- Certificate of IV Tertiary Preparation Program takes 8 to 12 months.

- Diploma takes 8 to 12 months.

- Postgraduate Programs take 1and a half to 2 years.

- English Programs are also provided.

IV. Accommodation

The accommodation is available at all campuses; also, each room has installed desk phone and computer for students. They are abundantly furnished adding with heater and carpet. Additionally, the accommodation is comprised to other rooms such as living room, kitchen, and wide yard for any celebration.

V. Student Life

Leaving families for foreign countries in order to study is not easy for students. The university is trying its best to help students with the up-to-date education as well as health care, counseling, and student clubs to deal with any problem they have and to build up their relationships. These factors lead to better atmosphere, opportunities, and success for students' future.

VI. Other Opportunities

Those who are studying in Deakin University are going to get professional experiences simultaneously since internship opportunities in different industries are offered there. What's more, students will get chances to meet with entrepreneurs and main investors, which are beneficial for their future careers.

VII. Tuition Fees


Notification: Tuition fees can be changed based on degrees and college’s policy.




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