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University of New Hampshire

I. General Situation

University of New Hampshire is a public university that has started its education since 1866. Recently, the university has two campuses and the main campus is in Durham, State of new Hampshire, United States, and there are around 15,000 students studying in the university. The university is recognized as the Tier 1 National University which has its history of education more than one century. Moreover, the university is ranked 104 as a popular and effective university among the 4,000 universities and colleges in United States. The university has arranged International University Transfer Program (IUTP) for students before they can enroll in bachelor programs.
II. Location

University of New Hampshire locates on 105 Main St Durham, NH 03824, State of New Hampshire, United States. Students and parents can check website: or contact to +(603) 862-2146 to get more information about the university.

III. Programs

Entry Requirements

- For IUTP, students are required to have high school certificate

- For Bachelor, students are required to have IUTP certificate

- IELTS = 5.5 or TOEFL iBT = 60


- Programs start in January, May, and August

- For IUTP, it takes from eight to twelve months

- For Bachelor, it takes four years (included IUTP)

- English program is also provided.

IV. Accommodation

Students who are studying in University of New Hampshire won't be worried about finding places to stay because the university guarantees that all students will be offered the accommodation where is clean, safe, good environment, especially it is close to the university.

V. Student Life

The university has created many programs such as concerts, social activities, training courses for the students in order to make them feel enjoyable as well as enhance their knowledge. The university has also established 200 student clubs in order to create relationship among the students and let them work in group for expressing their talent and intelligence. By joining those programs, students will have great joy and they will gain experiences during their stay.

VI. Other Opportunities

Students who have taken the IUTP are going to study bachelor program in year two directly. Each class is made in suitable size which is easy for the students to get more attention and interaction with their lecturers. Students will also receive good care from the university staffs.

VII. Tuition Fees


Notification: Tuition fees can be changed based on degrees and college’s policy.




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