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University of Massachusetts Lowell

I. General Situation

University of Massachusetts Lowell has started its education since 1894 then it became part of Massachusetts University System in 1991. The university has gained its fame on educating science, engineering, and technology. Currently, the university has 15,000 students who are studying in 6 faculties over 120 subjects. The university has also arranged University Pathway Program and Pre- aster Program for students.

II. Location

University of Massachusetts Lowell locates on 1 university Avenue Lowell, MA 01854, State of Massachusetts United States. Students and parents can check website: or contact to +978 452-6161 to get more information about the university.

III. Programs

In order to enroll in bachelor programs, students are required to take University Pathway Program (UPP). After graduated from UPP, students are going to study year two in Bachelor programs automatically.

Entry Requirements

- Hold certificate of A Level or GCSE.

- IELTS = 6.0 or TOEFL iBT = 80

2. Master Programs

Entry requirements

- For UPP, students are required to hold high school certificate

- For bachelor, students are required to hold University Pathway

Program (UPP) certificate or equivalent certificates with

IELTS = 5.5 or TOEFL iBT = 69

- For PMP, students are required to hold Bachelor degree with

IELTS = 6.0 or TOEFL iBT = 80


- For UPP, it takes 1 year and the intakes are in January, May, and


- For Bachelor, it takes 4 years ( included UPP)

- For PMP, it takes 4 months

- English program is also provided.

IV. Accommodation

students who are studying at University of Massachusetts Lowell won't be concerned about finding places to stay because the university has its own office to help students find accommodation where is convenience, safe, good environment especially it is close to the university. Students who have chosen to stay in-campus will benefit to access many services provided by the university.

V. Student Life

Most students who are studying in the university will join variety of activities related to society and cultures. The university has established many student clubs in order to help them create their relationship and work in group for expressing their talent and intelligence. Besides, students won't be difficult to find their foods because there are a lot of eateries where offer many kinds of food and they are inside the university. Other services are also provided to help students with their concerns in their study and living.

VI. Other Opportunities

Students are going to receive standard of international education with popular university ranked 56 among other universities in the world. Additionally, students will easily interact and get more attention from their lecturers because the university has arranged classroom with suitable size.

VII. Tuition Fees


Notification: Tuition fees can be changed based on degrees and college’s policy.




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