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Cambridge Tutors College London

I. General Situation

Cambridge Tutors College (CTC) is an International College surrounded by a lovely green park, and it was founded in 1958. This college offers Pre-university course or A Level for training students to have the opportunities for entering prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL and London School of Economics. Most students who graduated from Cambridge Tutors College CTC usually get A or A+ which convince students and parents all over the world to choose CTC.

II. Location

Cambridge Tutors College is situated in Water Tower Hill Croydon, CR0 5SX London United Kingdom. Students and parents can check website: or contact +44 (0)20 8688 5284 to get further information about the college.

III. Courses

Generally, in educational system in the United Kingdom, before enrolling university, students have to take Pre-university course or A Level, and it requires them to spend from 1 to 2 years. So, CTC offers three main courses:

IV. Accommodation

In general, students who wish to pursue pre-university at CTC have to live under Homestay Program meaning to live with local English families. They will have many advantages while staying away from their parents because they have host families offered food, especially they have opportunities to practice their English, and they have no feeling of being lonely.

V. Student Life

Students who live with English families will be subsidized with food. Usually, the host families who have been carefully selected by the college to stay with students are friendly with high responsibility for students' safety during staying. Moreover, students' staying atmosphere is beautiful with the lovely green park and theatres. Furthermore, they can visit Central London by spending 15 minutes by train from their accommodation.

VI. Other Opportunities

After students graduated, the college will arrange the prestigious universities for students to pursue their undergraduate degree based on their actual results from their studies. After finding well-known universities, the college will guide them how to be successful in interview and help to prepare the students' registration form. The college has its offices which help to consult and deal with problems when students are facing during their studies.

VII. Tuition Fees


    - Tuition fees can be changed based on programs and college’s policy.
    - English program is also provided.




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